Welcome in Taento,

We develop tailor-made softwares to give advanced solutions to our costumers' problems.
This is our job and We can do it with the greatest care and caution. Taento was born in 2009, it was a choice based on the desire to create a realty of develop software fully integrated in the territory, and capable of valuing the people that take part of it: a cohesive team of young collaborators that have been trained inside the company and with their creativity have allowed to change with the times.

Meanwhile, we grew up: experiences, relations, "know how", know to see beyond. So we have sketched out our method of work by combining the flexibility of the artisanal intelligence with the production's capacity of the holding. Today, Taento is the most efficient solution for companies with problems or necessities about the personalisation of their software.

We want to stand out in every aspect of our job: since the costumer approach to the accompanying services of our offer. We have the structure, the staff, the resourcefulness to facing ever more complex and broad projects, both the financial side and the more traditional productive processes.